Online Remarketing

A visitor arrives at your website, surfs around a bit, perhaps clicks on a particular product or service, and leaves without buying signing up for your ezine, or filling in the contact form.

From this behaviour you can safely assume that person is interested in that product, service or topic and will quite possibly invest in a similar product and service, or join an online community some time in the near future.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit beside them while they surf the internet from that moment on? Just think, you could tap them on the shoulder, whisper your company’s name in their ear, or attach a sticky-note to their screen with your contact details on it! You could even dance like a clown and wave your product in the air to remind that person about your brand… making a lasting impression so when they think of your industry, your product or business immediately pops into their mind.

Guess what?

You can make a lasting impression on your reader, and follow them around the web with Remarketing… and you won’t even need to dance like a clown to do it!

Remarketing displays your Ads throughout the web, where you website visitors surf, so you are being seen, recognised, and known by your target audience.

The major benefits of Remarketing are:

  • you are targeting hotter prospects, leading to…
  • higher conversion rates, which result in…
  • improved ROI, as there is also a…
  • reduced cost for each impression…

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