Benefits of a Remarketing Campaign for Your Business

remarketing benefits
There are tons of ways to drive traffic to a website. Each technique follows a certain system that helps businesses reach their online marketing goals. One of the fast-rising online marketing techniques these days is Remarketing. It’s a unique advertising strategy that targets people who have previously been to your website and entices them to respond to your recent offers. It’s a strategy ...

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Common Questions on Remarketing

questions on remarketing
Remarketing is a powerful way to advertise to people who have previously visited your website. Since they have shown an interest in your information, products or services, they are therefore more likely to respond to your recent offers. Remarketing to them is an effective strategy for increasing your conversion. If you’re interested in growing your business using this strategy then you may ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Remarketing Jargon

remarketing jargon
If you need help making sense of online marketing terminologies, particularly remarketing jargon, confuse yourself no more! Here are a few of the most common terminologies you would find in our copy and in other Remarketing resources: Abandoned Cart When a visitor adds a product to their online shopping cart but doesn’t go through with the purchase – this refers to an ‘abandoned ...

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